Constructing a Request

A request to the HERE Geocoding and Search includes the basic elements shown in the following table and, in addition, may contain resource-specific parameters.


All HERE Geocoding and Search endpoints are called with a GET method.

Base URL Global:[service], China:[service] Base URL for the [service]. Note that endpoints are named after their related service. For instance the Discover service is served by the endpoint /discover.
So that the base url for the Discover service is
Endpoint/discoverFind places or locations using a free-form text query
/autosuggestGet suggestions to build up search queries.
/geocodeSearch for an address and return the corresponding geo-coordinates
/revgeocodeFind the nearest address to specific geo-coordinates
/browseFind places data using names or category ids
/lookupFind a place or other location objects using its identifier
Parameters[key]=[value]&...Endpoint specific parameters.
Note that the repetition of the same parameter keys throws a 400.
Check the API Reference for more details.

for instance the following URI,13.4124&q=petrol+station&limit=5

is used to reach the service/endpoint Discover with the following parameters:

  • at set to the latitude 52.5228 and longitude 13.4124
  • q set to "petrol station"
  • limit set to 5

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