Filter by result type

HERE Geocoding and Search has an optional parameter types that allows limiting the results to specific types.

To simplify the usage of this feature, HERE Geocoding and Search API introduces a hierarchical system of values supported by the types filter. These values include:

  • The same values as resultType and result sub-types.
  • "Group" values, which group together logically related result types.

The customer application can set types to either of the values supported by the endpoint or combine values, using a comma separated list.

Note that not all of these values are or will be supported by the types filter for all or any of the endpoints. However, if a value is supported by any of the endpoints, its syntax and semantics will be the same.

types filter overview
Figure 1. types filter overview

Support of types filter by HERE Geocoding and Search endpoints

The values per endpoint which are supported:

Reverse Geocode Geocode Autocomplete Discover Autosuggest Browse Lookup By ID
area stable beta stable - - - N/A
city stable beta stable - - - N/A
postalCode - beta stable - - - N/A
address stable beta - - - - N/A
street stable beta - - - - N/A
houseNumber - beta - - - - N/A

"-" - currently not supported; "N/A" - not applicable

Description of the supported values:

  • area: restricting results to result types: locality or administrativeArea including all the sub-types.
  • city: restricting results to result type locality and locality type city.
  • postalCode: restricting results to postal codes: either result type postalCodePoint or result type locality with locality type postalCode. Note that in Ireland and Singapore, where each address has unique postal code, postalCodePoint results are replaced by houseNumber results.
  • address: restricting results to result types houseNumber, street, postalCodePoint, intersection, or addressBlock.
  • street: restricting results to result type: street.
  • houseNumber: restricting results to result type: houseNumber, including house number types PA (Point Address) and interpolated; including exact house number matches and house number fallbacks.

For more information about /types parameter, see: API Reference.

For lookup endpoint, types filter is not applicable and will not be supported at all.

All the values not covered by this table are not supported by the endpoint. For queries with parameters or values of parameters not supported by specific endpoints, HERE Geocoding and Search responds with a "400" error code.


In rare cases, GS7 API may still accept non-supported values of types filter or other query parameters and either pass them through or even change the behavior depending on the parameter. This may happen when the feature is in development and is going through testing and feedback process as alpha. Customers are advised not to use non-documented behavior and expect that it may change at any moment. Note additionally, using the types filter on non-supported endpoints (browse, autosuggest, discover) likely results in a 400 error response.

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