Migrate from HERE Geocoder API and Places API to HERE Geocoding and Search v7

We’re very excited to announce and present a new set of HERE Location Services that are leveraging the HERE platform and can be easily accessed through our Developer Portal at developer.here.com.

These newly released versions of HERE Location Services provide a unified API framework, while leveraging the HERE platform, making it easy and efficient for any customer to adopt the breadth of our Location Services offering and beyond.

As a customer of our Location Services you can now benefit from a set of redesigned and aligned APIs, as well as a streamlined architecture with compatibility across all location services, as they’re sharing the same HERE map data, authentication and authorization methods as well as API specification.

In addition, the newly released HERE Location Services are leveraging fresher map content through higher map update frequency and faster availability of new regions (e.g. such as the recently integrated high detail map of Japan) realized today through the HERE platform.

With the new service framework in place, we are also on our way to delivering new functionalities that will only become available through the newly released HERE Location Services. Check below the exciting new service releases already available or planned to become available soon for you.

HERE Geocoding and Search v7 aligns former Geocoding and Places/Search APIs into one simplified API that integrates the features of both. In addition, expect

  • Increased POI coverage by up to 50%
  • Fresher Places and address data due to a much higher update frequency
  • New feature places geocoding that improves accuracy and match rate: geocoding now recognizes POIs, matches them, and returns the address and a matching place

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