Migrate from HERE Geocoder API to HERE Geocoding and Search v7

The "HERE Geocoding and Search v7" product offers a simplified API, integrating the features of both the "HERE Geocoder API" and "HERE Places (Search) API" products. This guide will focus at the part of "HERE Geocoding and Search v7" relevant to the customers of "HERE Geocoder API" and the related products "Geocoder Autocompletion API" and "Batch Geocoder API".

In this document, we will use the following shorter names:

  • "GS7" for "HERE Geocoding and Search v7"

Changes Overview

The following general actions must be taken to complete the migration:


There are some input as well as output parameters that are no longer supported due to conceptual changes. These are detailed in this guide.

The mapping below summarizes how Geocoder related APIs and resources correspond to the GS7 endpoints.

HERE Geocoder API HERE Geocoder API resource HERE Geocoder API input type GS7 equivalent endpoint Status
Geocoder Geocode Freeform or qualified search text /geocode available
Location ID /lookup available
Reverse Geocode /revgeocode available
Multi Reverse Geocode not available
Landmark Geocode /geocode available
/discover available
Autocomplete /autocomplete available
Batch Geocoder not available

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