Result Types

HERE Geocoder API uses matchLevel enumeration with flat structure, except match types for house number results. GS7 uses hierarchical structure with result types and subtypes.

The mapping below summarizes how HERE Geocoder API matchLevel corresponds to GS7 result types and sub-types.

HERE Geocoder API matchLevel HERE Geocoder API matchType GS7 resultType GS7 result sub-type response attributes GS7 result sub-types
houseNumber pointAddress houseNumber houseNumberType PA
houseNumber interpolated houseNumber houseNumberType interpolated
postalCode - locality localityType postalCode
postalCode - postalCodePoint - -
district - locality localityType district
district - locality localityType subdistrict
city - locality localityType city
street - street - -
intersection - intersection - -
county - administrativeArea administrativeAreaType county
state - administrativeArea administrativeAreaType state
country - administrativeArea administrativeAreaType country
landmark - place - -

Please note that:

  • HERE Geocoder API matchLevel=postalCode is the match level for regular postal codes such as in Germany or ZIP codes in the USA and also the match level for "High Precision" postal codes, such as postal codes in the UK or USA postal codes including ZIP+4 extensions. GS7 has dedicated result types: matchType=locality, localityType=postalCode is only being used for regular postal codes for "High Precision" postal codes GS7 uses resultType=postalCodePoint
  • HERE Geocoder API Geocodingservice does not support matchLevel=landmark
  • GS7 /autocomplete does not support resultType=place

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