Places API Entrypoints Maturity

The Places API proposes many entrypoints with different levels of availability and maturity:

  • core: entrypoints are available to all users of Places API. They are fully supported and mature.
  • restricted: entrypoints are mature but have only been made available on request.
  • deprecated: entrypoints should not have been used anymore and will have a limited counterpart in GS7. There is no migration chapter for these entrypoints.
  • in maintenance: entrypoints quality is maintained but no further development is planned. Data quality (coverage, freshness) is also not planned to be improved.
Entrypoint endpoint Availability / Maturity
Autosuggest /autosuggest core / in maintenance
Search /discover/search core / in maintenance
Explore /discover/explore core / in maintenance
Browse /browse core / in maintenance
Lookup /places/lookup core / in maintenance
Place Categories /categories/places core / in maintenance
Cuisine Categories /categories/cuisines core / in maintenance
Actions /actions core / in maintenance
Health /health core / in maintenance
Tiles /tiles restricted / in maintenance
Browse by Corridor /browse/by-corridor deprecated
Corridor Shortener /browse/by-corridor/short deprecated
Here /discover/here deprecated
Around /discover/around deprecated
Suggest search term /suggest deprecated
Browse-Pt-Stops /browse/pt-stops deprecated

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