Migrate Lookup Requests

This section covers the actions that must be taken to migrate a Places API Lookup request to a GS7 Lookup request.

For more details about the types or specification of parameters, see the Developer Guide.

Base URL, Version, Resource

Parameter Places API GS7
Public/Automotive Base URL https://places.ls.hereapi.com https://lookup.search.hereapi.com
Public Legacy Base URL https://places.ls.hereapi.com https://lookup.search.hereapi.com
Public Automotive Base URL https://places.ls.hereapi.com https://lookup.search.hereapi.com
Version /places/v1 /v1
Resource / Endpoint /places/lookup /lookup

Query flow

On Places API, Lookup entrypoint requests lead in redirections (HTTP status code 302) to the place resource with context added. On GS7, Lookup service directly returns the expected payload (HTTP status code 200). Customers needing to adapt their application to GS7 don't have to cope with the redirection.

Query parameters

Places API GS7 Comment
id id
Accept-Language lang Multiple values are currently not supported.
See Accept-Language header chapter
Not necessary on GS7: GS7 returns Core, Yelp and Tripadvisor ids in the references response element by default.


While Places API response to a Lookup entrypoint call contains on object with a href attribute that applications need to use for a follow-up query to get the related details, GS7 Lookup service results contain those details without redirection. Check Place Details migration page, for more information.

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