HTTP Request Query Parameters and Headers

While Places API requests details are to be given either as a request header or a GET query URI param, GS7 is mostly expecting them in the URI path query, except the typical Accept, Date, User-Agent and Accept-Encoding headers:

Header name Description
Accept Specifies which media types are acceptable for the response Accept header specification. The only value supported is application/json resulting in a standard JSON response. This value is also the default one. GS7 does not support the value NaN, only used for Places API playground, itself not meant to be used in production applications.
Date The user's local time, for example, "Mon, 08 Aug 2011 11:58:17 GMT" (see Date header specification).
User-Agent A string identifying the client user agent (see User-Agent header specification, used for statistical purposes.

If GS7 is accessed from within a web browser, the browser should send this information automatically. For other applications, it may need to be explicitly set by the application.| |Accept-Encoding|Allows clients to enable compressed transfer of responses. The only supported value is gzip-compression.|


GS7 supports a bcp47 language preference specified in URI query parameter lang instead of the standard Accept-Language header. The lang parameter accepts a single bcp47 value. The default language for GS7 results is that of the area where the result is itself located. More details about the default language behavior are in the GS7 Developer Guide

Applications using several weighted language preferences in Accept-language header must use the language value with the highest weight as value for GS7 requests lang parameter.

For instance Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.8,fr;q=0.6 header used on a Search entrypoint should be migrated to a request to Discover service with a lang=en-US URI parameter.

GeoLocation and X-Map-Viewport

Check Location Context


This header allows an application to indicate the end-user's means of transport, which helps Places API return better results. GS7 does not yet supports these headers.


Applications using X-NLP-Testing header to notify Places API about test requests can continue tu use this header against GS7.


GS7 is exposing a neutral international political view, where territories may have unresolved claims. The customer application may choose a political view by setting politicalView parameter. This parameter accepts all uppercase single ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 country codes. The complete list of currently supported political views can be found at Supported Political Views. For any valid 3 letter country code, for which HERE Geocoding and Search does not have dedicated political view, it falls back to the default view.


X-VIN header to notify the Vehicle Identification Number is currently not supported.


X-MapVersion header is currently not supported

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