New Features

The following table lists new features in the current release.

Release 7.67

Ticket Number Description
OSQ-25314 All endpoints: Added political view Serbia on Kosovo (politicalView=SRB). Default = Country Kosovo; SRB = As part of Serbia.
OSQ-24575, OSQ-24576 Browse: Browse now supports a foodTypes and a chains filter accepting cuisine ids and chain ids, respectively.
OSQ-24837 Autosuggest: Respond with address suggestions for queries containing only numbers.
OSQ-25293 Geocode: Indonesia: For address queries in Indonesia, the Geocoder recognizes and tolerates house number prefix 'No.'. Before, the term 'No' was unmatched and could diminish Geocoder result quality. Example query with 'No' before house number 25: Jl. Jabaru II No 25, RT.03/RW.02, Pasirkuda, Kec. Bogor Bar., Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16119, Indonesia
OSQ-25292 Geocode: Indonesia: For address queries in Indonesia, the Geocoder recognizes and matches all the house number formats as available in the HERE map. Example: C9/54, Jalan Kebon Jati, Bandung Kota 40181, Indonesia
OSQ-24767 Geocode: Indonesia: Addresses can contain Rukun Tetangga (RT) and Rukun Warga (RW) numbers as the lowest administrative division of Indonesia. This information is currently not available in the HERE map data. The Geocoder now recognizes this pattern in queries and ignores the tokens instead of mistakingly interpreting the numbers as house numbers.
OSQ-24640 Geocode, Discover, Autosuggest: Japan: Improved matching of sub-district names.
OSQ-24640 Geocode, Discover, Autosuggest: Japan: Improved postal code matching for city postal codes (formats ###-##00). Examples: 759-2200, 680-0700. Before: empty responses.
OSQ-23835 Geocode, Discover, Autosuggest: Japan: Improved handling of Hiragana/Katakana for Japan address search.
OSQ-25005 Geocode, Discover, Autosuggest: Japan: Katakana spell correction based on phonetic similarity (consonant + vowel).
OSQ-24238 Geocode, Discover, Autosuggest: Japan: Improved support for chain name and abbreviated chain name.

Release 7.66

Ticket Number Description
OSQ-24887 Discover, Browse, Lookup, Autosuggest: When a Place is included in the Venues dataset, the supplier ID is provided for supplier here:pds:placesupplier:venues.
OSQ-25021 All endpoints: Japan: Treat small and large representations of five hiragana vowels and three additional kana as equivalent. Large (small): あ(ぁ), い(ぃ), う(ぅ), え(ぇ), お(ぉ), や(ゃ), ゆ(ゅ), よ(ょ)
OSQ-25020 All endpoints: Japan: Treat small and large representations of five katakana vowels and three additional kana as equivalent. Large (small): ア(ァ), イ(ィ), ウ(ゥ), エ(ェ), オ(ォ), ヤ(ャ), ユ(ュ), ヨ(ョ)
OSQ-24809 Autosuggest, Discover: Japan: Enhanced search quality for POI names with one or two tokens.
OSQ-24220 Geocode: For Russia, the Geocoder supports abbreviated forms of specifiers in street names: "Бол" and "Б" for "Большой"/"Большая"/"Большое"/"Большие" ("Big"); "Мал" and "М" for "Малый"/"Малая"/"Малое"/"Малые" ("Small"); "Ср", "С" for "Средний"/"Средняя"/"Среднее"/"Средние" ("middle").

Release 7.65

Ticket Number Description
OSQ-23834 All endpoints: Japan: Improved quality of administrative name search in Katakana and Hiragana.
OSQ-24643 Autosuggest, Discover: Japan: Enhanced capability of returning POI names in Hiragana and Katakana.
OSQ-24169 Discover, Browse, Lookup: Return EV stations static attributes.
OSQ-19967 Reverse Geocode: Reverse Geocode returns high precision postal code points in countries where these are available. Example for the United Kingdom: at=51.2424992,-1.7955735, previous first result (place): "Red Devils Freefall Team, Pigott Close, Salisbury, SP4 9, United Kingdom", distance 54 m, new first result: "SP4 9QG, Salisbury, United Kingdom", distance 17 m
OSQ-24892 All endpoints: Added support for political views. For this release, the only supported political view is the Russian view on Crimea. HERE Geocoding and Search represents it by default as part of Ukraine. For customer applications that target the Russian market, HERE Geocoding and Search allows setting Russian political with Crimea region shown as part of Russia (use parameter politicalView=RUS).

Release 7.64

Ticket Number Description
OSQ-24155 All endpoints: Increased coverage of GBR postal codes
OSQ-23491 Geocode: Improved matching of Russia compound house number formats
OSQ-21301 Geocode: Improved behavior for address queries that contain noise. The tolerance for the overall queryScore has been increased for cases with high enough individual fieldScores. Example: "SEEDRS LTD,CHURCHILL HOUSE,142-146 OLD STREET,london,EC1V 9BW" now returns "142 Old Street, London, EC1V 9BW, United Kingdom"
OSQ-23406 Geocode: In Russia, the Geocoder now prefers Point Address fallbacks to alpha-numeric house numbers in situations where the query house number is numeric but does not exist in map content. Before, the Geocoder chose an interpolated location. This could lead to results up to a few hundred meters away from the destination. Example: q=121059, Россия, г Москва, г. Москва, наб Бережковская, 20, previous result (interpolated): "Бережковская набережная 20, Москва, Россия, 121059", new result (Point Address fallback to alpha-numeric house number): "Бережковская набережная 20А, Москва, Россия, 121059"
OSQ-23558 Geocode: Tolerate common Russia prefix to the house number "dom"/"дом" (meaning "house"). The Geocoder now recognizes the prefix and tolerates it without any scoring penalty.

New features added in previous releases:

Ticket Number Description
OSQ-18581 Discover: Place search by telephone number including in Japan
OSQ-19595 Geocode: For queries with at, Geocoder now ranks results in the proximity over those far away with a better score. This change in ranking includes house number fallbacks in proximity over exact house number matches far away.
OSQ-23507 Geocode: For Russia addressing with numbers in street name, the position of the number before or after the base name is flexible and equally matched.
OSQ-23853 Geocode: For Russia addressing, street names may contain words "Большой"/"Большая"/"Большое"/"Большие" ("Big"), "Малый"/"Малая"/"Малое"/"Малые" ("Small"), "Средний"/"Средняя"/"Среднее"/"Средние" ("middle"). Geocoder now supports the queries with flexible positioning of these specifiers in the street base name.
OSQ-22569 Autocomplete: Autocomplete now also supports high precision postal code queries and returns results with result type postalCodePoint
OSQ-23942 Geocode Geocoder supports common street type abbreviations in Indonesia: "JL"/"JLN" for " Jalan", "G" for "Gang" and "Lr"/"Lrg" for "Lorong"
OSQ-22573 Geocode: Geocoder additionally supports Italian abbreviation "p.le" for "Piazzale"
OSQ-21419 Discover, Browse, Lookup: Categories field added for contact information in place result items
OSQ-21421 Discover, Browse, Lookup: Categories field added for opening hours in place result items
OSQ-18697 Browse: Allow place categories negative filter. For example, to retrieve all restaurants except fast-food restaurants, an application would add to Browse queries categories=100-1000,!100-1000-0009.
OSQ-20855 Autosuggest, Discover, Browse, Lookup: Phonetic translations added to result items
OSQ-18686 Autosuggest, Discover, Browse, Lookup: Chain ids added to place result items
OSQ-18649 Autosuggest, Discover, Browse, Lookup: Category translations added to place result items
OSQ-18090 Autosuggest, Discover, Browse, Lookup: HERE core/yelp/Tripadvisor/Parkopedia ids added to place result items
OSQ-22875 All endpoints: Added United Kingdom as entity on country level and moved England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland from country to state level. This change allows searching for addresses and places in UK and also to search for UK as country.
Autosuggest, Discover, Geocode: Support of intersection search. Intersection queries can contain two street names, for example, "5th Ave @ E 82nd St New York". Results are of new resultType "intersection". Results provide the street names in the "streets" list.
Autosuggest, Discover: Search for 7-digit UK postal codes. For example, "EC2Y 5HN". These UK postal codes are high precision postal code points assigned to a single or small number of addresses. Results are of new resultType "postalCodePoint".
Autosuggest, Discover: Support geo-coordinate queries in sexagesimal degrees (degrees, minutes, seconds, for example, "48°51'29.7"N 2°17'40.2"E") or decimal degrees ("48.8582,2.2945").
Autocomplete: Autocomplete is available as BETA. Autocomplete allows end-users to find better results with fewer keystrokes.

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