Resolved Issues

The following table contains resolved issues in the current release of the HERE Geocoding and Search.

Issue ID Description
OSQ-21801 Geocode: The Geocoder returns results in Greek when the application requests English language, but English is not available in map data. Greek might not be readable for this user. Therefore the fallback is expected to be in Latin script.
OSQ-24179 All endpoints: In rare cases, different endpoints return different "Ids" for the address result

Resolved issues from previous releases:

Issue ID Description
OSQ-23422 Geocode: Geocoder does not score Cyrillic ё correctly
OSQ-21133 Geocode: Geocoder misinterprets not matching parts of high precision postal codes as house numbers
OSQ-23218 Geocode: In Japan, Geocoder responds with place intersection result where the user expects a subdistrict result. Example query: 北海道小樽市住吉町, previous result: 北海道小樽市住吉町 (resultType: place), new result: 北海道小樽市住吉町 (resultType: subdistrict)
OSQ-23130 Discover, Reverse Geocode: In Japan, redundant place intersection results for the same location. Example: discover?q=内幸町&at=35.6707286,139.7560705, previous result: 4 place intersection results "内幸町", new result: one place intersection result "内幸町"

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