Resolved Issues

The following table contains resolved issues in the current release of the HERE Geocoding and Search.

Release 7.67

Issue ID Description
OSP-4247 Geocode: Indeterminism in rare cases in Geocoder results occurs when the service is called multiple times with the same parameter.
OSQ-25360 Autosuggest: Query 'Hospital near Berlin' returns central railway station on top instead of hospitals.
OSP-4153 Geocode: Ireland: District digit causing conflict with house number in Dublin. Example query: 84 LARKHILL ROAD WHITEHALL Dublin 9, previous result: 9 Larkhill Road, Dublin, County Dublin, D09 AE78, Ireland (district number 9 misinterpreted as house number, new result: 84 Larkhill Road, Dublin, County Dublin, D09 N520, Ireland
OSQ-24842 Reverse Geocode: Reduce the number of Places returned by the Reverse Geocoder at the same location, providing more valuable responses for end-user orientation.
OSQ-25107 Reverse Geocode: limit parameter impacts result ranking of Reverse Geocoder. Reverse Geocoder does not always return closest result when limit parameter is set to 0 or limit parameter is not specified. Fix: Reverse Geocoder always returns the closest result independent of limit parameter.

Release 7.66

Issue ID Description
OSQ-23076 Autosuggest: Suggestions are not relevant when the query contains city and street prefix (e.g.: "Paris rue de ma", depending on user's position, expected results are "Rue de Maubeuge", "Rue de Marignan").
OSQ-24009 Discover: Unexpected results for query "Berlin city centre".
OSQ-23188 Discover: Query for "Oslo Stasjon" does not return the expected "Oslo S" main railway station in Oslo in the top 3 results.
OSQ-24779 Geocode: Geocode does not support diacritic symbols (a glyph added to a letter, examples: à, á, ả, ã, ạ, ă, â, ê, ô, ơ, ư) in Vietnamese.
OSQ-24895 Geocode: Geocode query for postal code does not return results based on user-defined lat/lon. Example: Query for postal code 80019 with at position in Chicago (42.0311877,-85.520835) returns postal code in Italy first. Expected is a result in the United States. i
OSQ-24822 Geocode: Potentially wrong postal code returned for interpolated addresses in the Netherlands.
OSQ-24840 Geocode: Geocode fails with HTTP 500 Internal Server Error in rare cases for qualified intersection queries.
OSQ-24406 All endpoints: Results for locations on Jersey and Guernsey show Jersey/Guernsey as city. Change: Show Jersey/Guernsey as country and parishes as a city instead of a district.

Release 7.65

Issue ID Description
OSQ-23469 Geocode: Geocoder in Greece returns inconsistent results when changing the case of the query or removing the diacritics.

Release 7.64

Issue ID Description
OSQ-21801 Geocode: The Geocoder returns results in Greek when the application requests English language, but English is not available in map data. Greek might not be readable for this user. Therefore the fallback is expected to be in Latin script.
OSQ-24179 All endpoints: In rare cases, different endpoints return different "Ids" for the address result

Resolved issues from previous releases:

Issue ID Description
OSQ-23422 Geocode: Geocoder does not score Cyrillic ё correctly
OSQ-21133 Geocode: Geocoder misinterprets not matching parts of high precision postal codes as house numbers
OSQ-23218 Geocode: In Japan, Geocoder responds with place intersection result where the user expects a subdistrict result. Example query: 北海道小樽市住吉町, previous result: 北海道小樽市住吉町 (resultType: place), new result: 北海道小樽市住吉町 (resultType: subdistrict)
OSQ-23130 Discover, Reverse Geocode: In Japan, redundant place intersection results for the same location. Example: discover?q=内幸町&at=35.6707286,139.7560705, previous result: 4 place intersection results "内幸町", new result: one place intersection result "内幸町"

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