Resolved Issues

The following table contains resolved issues in the current release of the HERE Geocoding and Search.

Release 7.83

Issue ID Description
OSP-4281 Discover: Discover Search responds with the state New South Wales of Australia for query "Wales" instead of the expected more prominent country Wales (modeled as a state in GS7 results, same as all constituent countries of the United Kingdom) that is part of the United Kingdom.
OSP-5227 Reverse Geocode: For German highways, the Reverse Geocode responds with the European name of the road (example: E45) instead of the more common and, therefore, more recognizable name for the German part of the highway (example: A9).
OLPSUP-17536 Discover: Japan: 市役所駅 (Shiyakusho Station) cannot be found with the query "市役所駅".
OLPSUP-14479 All endpoints: Japan: Wrong subblock/house number split for Japanese results in English language: Example: Address in Japanese: 新潟県長岡市与板町与板乙1644-10, result in English: subblock: "Otsu1", house number: "644 10", expected result: subblock: "Otsu1644", house number: "10".
OSP-4340 Discover: Query for "Marienplatz" returns unexpected results such as taxi stands at Marienplatz instead of just the prominent place Marienplatz in Munich.
OSP-4510 Autosuggest, Discover: Added support for "Philly" as short name for Philadelphia, PA in queries.
OSP-3971 Geocode: Japan: Some queries for subblocks are failing. GS7 falsy interprets the subblock number as a house number or block number.
OSP-5288 Autosuggest: Japan: Search for "gas station" at provides two category suggestions: "gas station" and "gas stations", only one of these is expected.
OSP-5229 Discover: Search for "Pharmacy" in does not return expected results.
OSP-5335 Autosuggest: Autosuggest provides multiple query suggestion results that are difficult for the end user to distinguish. Example: Query for "Raststaette" returns the query suggestions complete_rest_area and rest_area.
OSQ-29612 Autosuggest, Discover, Browse, Lookup: In private data results (BYOD), country and state codes are returned instead of the respective names in attributes countryName and state. The codes are only expected in attributes countryCode and stateCode.
OSQ-29613 Autosuggest, Discover, Browse, Lookup: In private data results (BYOD), administrative areas names and category names are not returned in the default language in cases where the request does not provide the preferred result language.
OSP-5192 Geocode: Geocoder falsely parses sequences of house number, hyphen (-), and postal code as hyphenated house number. Example: In query "President Kennedylaan 59 - 6883 AC Velp" the Geocoder tries to match "59 - 6883" as house number where the house number in the query is only the "59" part.
OSP-4410 Autosuggest, Discover, Browse, Lookup: Hours of operation format for Places is wrong in cases where the query does not provide a language parameter for the preferred result language. For example, for a Place in Germany, the week days are expected to be in German when the lang parameter is not set: "Mo-Sa: 07:30 - 20:00"

Release 7.82

Issue ID Description
OSP-4762 Geocode: Result for postal code search is far away from current position. Example: "q=4234&at=46.62427%2C8.03583", expected first result: "4234 Zullwil Solothurn, Switzerland", actual first result: "4234 Suldal, Norway".
OSQ-30257 Autosuggest, Discover: Unexpected intersection results when query without any intersection indicator. Example: The query "Via 4 Novembre Traversetolo" returns the intersection "Via 4 Novembre & Viale Arturo Toscanini & Largo Fanfulla, 43029 Traversetolo PR, Italia" at second position.
OSQ-24560 Autosuggest, Discover: Famous POI Taj Mahal isn't returned when querying with a combination of Hindi and German.
OSQ-30164 Autosuggest: Upper-cased chain names in chainQuery result titles are camel-cased. Example: Autosuggest query "q=Kfc", title in chainQuery result: "title: Kfc".
OSP-5118 Discover: POI "Texas Roadhouse" not found when searching by its exact name.
OSQ-28164 Discover: A leading query article "the" prevents specific chain searches to succeed.
OSQ-25361 Discover: The query "boa" does not return a specific Bank of America as top result.
OSQ-24957 Autosuggest, Discover: The intersection query “cass ave@ stinson st, Detroit” does not return the expected intersection.
OSQ-22370 Geocode, Autosuggest, Discover: "Mexico City" cannot be found.

Release 7.81

Issue ID Description
OSQ-24128 Autocomplete: Results for high precision postal code queries in the Netherlands, Canada, UK are not matching to all query tokens.
OSQ-29343 All endpoints: Vietnam address label corrected. The district and county names are now added where available in the HERE map content. Example, previous result address label: "12 Đường Phạm Hữu Lầu, Quận 7, Vietnam", new result address label: "12 Đường Phạm Hữu Lầu, Phường Phú Mỹ, Quận 7, Hồ Chí Minh 72906".
OSQ-29094 Discover, Autosuggest: Japan: Search for Tokyo Station (東京駅) does not return the expected train station. For Japan, prominent train stations are now ranked higher.
OSP-5116 Autosuggest, Discover, Browse, Lookup: Japan label format: There is no space in the address label between the house number and place name, which make the label difficult to read. Example: "〒212-0055 神奈川県川崎市幸区南加瀬5丁目6-18Family Mart".

Release 7.80

Issue ID Description
OSP-5084 Geocode: There are unexpected results in the Netherlands for queries containing street names and postal codes. The Geocoder weighs fuzzy postal code matches too high, compared to fuzzy street name matches.
OSP-5056 Geocode: In Russia, in some cases, an abbreviated street type in the query prevents house number match.
OSP-4960 Geocode: The Geocoder falsely prefers street-level results over more precise and accurate Place results on the same street.

Release 7.79

Issue ID Description
OSP-4806 Autocomplete: No results for autocomplete query q=Ban and CountryCode=THA. Autocomplete now returns prominent city results starting from first letter.
OSQ-23918 Autocomplete: The language field in the result for Chinese language now differentiates between simplified Chinese "zh-Hans" and traditional Chinese "zh-Hant".

Release 7.78

Issue ID Description
OSP-4956 Geocode: The Geocoder does not correctly handle the abbreviation "St" for "Saint" in district and city names.
OSP-4789 All endpoints except Autocomplete: The Geocoder does not return the correct city name for postal code 2150 in Denmark. The city name Nordhavn is expected. This issue is resolved in release 7.78 for all endpoints but not yet for Autocomplete.
OSQ-28752 Discover, Autosuggest: Place results return synonyms in parenthesis in Japanese, Chinese, English, and Japanese transliterations that are not meaningful to the end-user.
OSP-5043 Geocode: The query for Netherlands "2283GL 485AF172" (house number, postal code) does not return the expected address "Generaal Spoorlaan 485A-F172, 2283 GL Rijswijk, Netherlands".
OSP-4914 Geocode: The query "2 grand canal dublin" does not return the expected address "2 Grand Canal Quay, Dublin, County Dublin, 2, Ireland".
OSQ-23925 Reverse Geocode: The Reverse Geocoder does not return a highway road result in cases where the request position is on or close to the highway. Instead, a further away address from a street unrelated to the highway is returned.

Release 7.77

Issue ID Description
OSP-4869 Geocode: For qualified queries the relevant results are sometimes returned with queryScore 0.
OSP-4875 Geocode: Geocoder returns a single arbitrary result for street search where multiple relevant results exist. Example: "q=Berlin, Bahnhofstrasse"
OSP-4937 Geocode: Geocoder returns a single arbitrary result for city search where multiple relevant results exist. Example: "q=Frankfort"
OSQ-28451 Geocode: Japan: Missing block number in map content leads to match in wrong sub-district. Example: "q=神奈川県横浜市港北区篠原町1046-1" matches to "〒222-0021 神奈川県横浜市港北区篠原北1丁目" instead of falling back to "神奈川県横浜市港北区篠原町". Sub-district 篠原北 (Engl. Shinoharakita) instead of 篠原町 (Engl. Shinohara-cho).
OSQ-28452 Geocode: Japan: Missing house number in map content leads to address match in wrong sub-district. Example: "q=京都府京都市中京区壬生花井町22ー39" matches to "〒604-8871 京都府京都市中京区壬生朱雀町22-39" instead of falling back to "〒604-8873 京都府京都市中京区壬生花井町22". Sub-district 壬生朱雀町 (Engl. Mibu Suzaku-cho) instead of 壬生花井町 (Engl. Mibu Hanai-cho).
OSQ-28753 Discover, Autosuggest: Vietnam: The query "Tram sac" does not return EV charging stations.

Release 7.76

Issue ID Description
OSP-4209 Geocode: Netherland house number with + format affects search results negatively. Example: Query "Narcislaan 4+11, 8441 GW" is expected to match "Narcislaan 4-11, 8441 GW Heerenveen, Netherlands".
OSP-3604 All endpoints: Result label format does not follow Greek conventions. In an address label, the house number must follow the street name. Example: "Παναιτωλίου 10, 121 32 Περιστέρι, Ελλάδα"
OSP-3670 All endpoints: Result label format does not follow Vietnam conventions. In an address label, the house number must precede the street name. Example: "2 Đường Ngô Đức Kế"
OSQ-27779 Reverse Geocode: The Reverse Geocoder now returns the name on the road sign for a street in cases where multiple names are available for the street. Example: For a street close to coordinate 32.8059,-117.2191, the result is now "2799 Garnet Ave, San Diego". Previously two results were returned: "2799 Garnet Ave, San Diego", and "2799 Garnet St, San Diego".
OSP-3592, OSP-4179 Discover: Improved "Hauptbahnhof" search (main train station) in Germany.

Release 7.75

Issue ID Description
OSP-2967 Discover: Television Azteca vs. TV Azteca in Search returns different results in Mexico.
OSQ-26856 All endpoints: Saudi Arabia localized address label is not correct. For Arabic language, the format needs to be: , -, ,
OSP-4691 Geocode: Street without apostrophe does not match for address in Belarus. Query "vul. Kulman 9, Minsk" is expected to match "vulitsa Kul'man 9, 220000 Minsk, Belarus".
OSP-4715 Geocode: Geocoder does not support English street type abbreviations in Thailand. The most common street type abbreviation is "Rd." for "Road".
OSP-4728 Geocode: Geocoder does not return addresses in Moscow despite them being in the HERE map. Example: Query "Moscow, Vol'naya 28/4 k3" is expected to match "Vol'naya ulitsa 28/4 korp 3, Moscow, Russia, 105187".
OSP-4741 Geocode: Geocoder does not return the biggest Moscow airport Domodedovo. Request in Russian: аэропорт Домодедово
OSP-4732 Autosuggest: Search for "Home d" returns chain suggestion named "home depo". "Home depo" is not expected to be returned as a chain suggestion for the query "home d".

Release 7.74

Issue ID Description
OSP-4355 Autocomplete: Autocomplete unexpected response language. For example, Chinese transliterated name variants are returned for county names in Spain, Italian name variants are returned for city names in France.
OSP-4356 Autocomplete: Autocomplete returns only two of the three expected relevant street results.

Release 7.73

Issue ID Description
OSP-4493 All endpoints: Results in India are returned in the Hindi language when the user application requests a response in Latin script language. If the requested language is not available, a fallback to hi-Latn or to English is expected.
OSP-2791 Autocomplete: Unexpected result language in some cases. The response language is specified as lang=de but Autocomplete results language is not German. For example, for 'Fráncfort del Meno', the result is a mixture of French and Italian.
OSP-4536 Geocode: Thailand: Searching for province return with empty response. Example with qualified geocoding: county=พิจิตร, previous result: empty response, new result: พิจิตร, ประเทศไทย (Phichit, Thailand)
OSQ-27009 Geocode: Geocoder does not understand Danish character ø. Leading to low confidence results.
OSP-4688 Geocode: Geocoder does not show parsed city when provided in Cyrillic in parsing (turn on with parameter show=parsing) response element.
OSQ-26694 Autosuggest: Improved quality of queries for food types in districts.

Release 7.72

Issue ID Description
OSP-4289 Discover: Search for "Lowe's" only provides results when the search term includes the apostrophe. The expectation is that a search for "Lowes" without apostrophe also provides results.
OSP-4392 Autocomplete: Autocomplete does not return city match for Brasilia if the complete city name is provided in the query.
OSQ-26829 Autosuggest: Bad results for autosuggest queries in Norwegian with search center outside of Norway and language request parameter lang=no-NO. Fix: Autosuggest now considers the Norwegian language 'no-NO' and the Norwegian written standard Bokmål (nb-NO) as language indicator.

Release 7.71

Issue ID Description
OSQ-26438 Reverse Geocode: Reverse Geocode returns interpolated address results from outside of the specified radius (parameter in=circle:<latitude>,<longitude>;r=<radius>).
OSQ-26469 Reverse Geocode: Reverse Geocode in the USA returns ZIP+4 results (resultType: postalCodePoint) instead of addresses or streets. In situations with a few postal code points nearby, these results hide address or street results. End-users will therefore not get information about which street they are on or what the closest address is.
OSQ-26668 Geocode: USA: The Geocoder does not match addresses where the house number in reality and the map data includes a hyphen - common for New York addresses - but the house number in the query does not. Example: 'q=8943 Elmhurst Avenue, Flushing, NY, 11373' returns a street match 'Elmhurst Avenue, Flushing, NY, 11373', expected correct result is: '89-43 Elmhurst Ave, Elmhurst, NY 11373, United States'

Release 7.70

Issue ID Description
OSQ-26379 Discover, Autosuggest, Lookup: Opening hours with 0 minutes opening hours for a day are falsely shown as open for 24 hours from T000000 to PT24H00M.
OSP-4448 Geocode: USA: The Geocoder misinterprets the postal code as house number in rare cases in the USA. Example: ' 487 Washington St Braintree, Town of, Massachusetts 02184'
OSP-4387 Geocode: USA: Wrong results from Geocoder in rare cases in for queries with 'New York, New York' (example: 199 Centre St New York, New York 11231), and intersection search (example: 400 south and main street Springville, Utah).
OSQ-26653 Discover, Autosuggest: Autosuggest does not recognize 'WC' as an ontology in Autosuggest and Search for queries with language setting German.

Release 7.69

Issue ID Description
OSQ-22683 Autocomplete: Some GS7 Autocomplete results are violating the rule that it shall prefer results in local language or the customer application language.

Release 7.68

Issue ID Description
OSQ-24766 Geocode: Indonesia address matching: In Indonesia, parallel streets often share the same base name and can only be differentiated by an additional number. The Geocoder falsely interpreted this number as a house number.
OSQ-25211 Geocode: In countries Poland, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, the Geocoder sometimes falsely interprets postal codes in queries as house numbers.
OSQ-25295 Lookup: Lookup with valid ID for postal code point returns an error message.
OSQ-25510 Reverse Geocode: API Reference Guide: "scoring" and "parsing" attributes are not relevant to Reverse Geocoder responses, these are removed from the API reference.

Release 7.67

Issue ID Description
OSP-4247 Geocode: Indeterminism in rare cases in Geocoder results occurs when the service is called multiple times with the same parameter.
OSQ-25360 Autosuggest: Query 'Hospital near Berlin' returns central railway station on top instead of hospitals.
OSP-4153 Geocode: Ireland: District digit causing conflict with house number in Dublin. Example query: 84 LARKHILL ROAD WHITEHALL Dublin 9, previous result: 9 Larkhill Road, Dublin, County Dublin, D09 AE78, Ireland (district number 9 misinterpreted as house number, new result: 84 Larkhill Road, Dublin, County Dublin, D09 N520, Ireland
OSQ-24842 Reverse Geocode: Reduce the number of Places returned by the Reverse Geocoder at the same location, providing more valuable responses for end-user orientation.
OSQ-25107 Reverse Geocode: limit parameter impacts result ranking of Reverse Geocoder. Reverse Geocoder does not always return closest result when limit parameter is set to 0 or limit parameter is not specified. Fix: Reverse Geocoder always returns the closest result independent of limit parameter.

Release 7.66

Issue ID Description
OSQ-23076 Autosuggest: Suggestions are not relevant when the query contains city and street prefix (e.g.: "Paris rue de ma", depending on user's position, expected results are "Rue de Maubeuge", "Rue de Marignan").
OSQ-24009 Discover: Unexpected results for query "Berlin city centre".
OSQ-23188 Discover: Query for "Oslo Stasjon" does not return the expected "Oslo S" main railway station in Oslo in the top 3 results.
OSQ-24779 Geocode: Geocode does not support diacritic symbols (a glyph added to a letter, examples: à, á, ả, ã, ạ, ă, â, ê, ô, ơ, ư) in Vietnamese.
OSQ-24895 Geocode: Geocode query for postal code does not return results based on user-defined lat/lon. Example: Query for postal code 80019 with at position in Chicago (42.0311877,-85.520835) returns postal code in Italy first. Expected is a result in the United States.
OSQ-24822 Geocode: Potentially wrong postal code returned for interpolated addresses in the Netherlands.
OSQ-24840 Geocode: Geocode fails with HTTP 500 Internal Server Error in rare cases for qualified intersection queries.
OSQ-24406 All endpoints: Results for locations on Jersey and Guernsey show Jersey/Guernsey as city. Change: Show Jersey/Guernsey as country and parishes as a city instead of a district.

Release 7.65

Issue ID Description
OSQ-23469 Geocode: Geocoder in Greece returns inconsistent results when changing the case of the query or removing the diacritics.

Release 7.64

Issue ID Description
OSQ-21801 Geocode: The Geocoder returns results in Greek when the application requests English language, but English is not available in map data. Greek might not be readable for this user. Therefore the fallback is expected to be in Latin script.
OSQ-24179 All endpoints: In rare cases, different endpoints return different "Ids" for the address result

Resolved issues from previous releases:

Issue ID Description
OSQ-23422 Geocode: Geocoder does not score Cyrillic ё correctly
OSQ-21133 Geocode: Geocoder misinterprets not matching parts of high precision postal codes as house numbers
OSQ-23218 Geocode: In Japan, Geocoder responds with place intersection result where the user expects a subdistrict result. Example query: 北海道小樽市住吉町, previous result: 北海道小樽市住吉町 (resultType: place), new result: 北海道小樽市住吉町 (resultType: subdistrict)
OSQ-23130 Discover, Reverse Geocode: In Japan, redundant place intersection results for the same location. Example: discover?q=内幸町&at=35.6707286,139.7560705, previous result: 4 place intersection results "内幸町", new result: one place intersection result "内幸町"

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