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HERE Geoenrichment allows you to access location datasets to enhance your advertising data with location contexts for dynamic user location data.

This allows you to optimize your advertising spend by enhancing your audience creation and campaign measurement.

HERE Geoenrichment exposes three HERE geometry data layers that reach deep into HERE Map Content:

  • Places - A layer that provides 200 million Points of Interest (POIs) covering 194 countries and more than 400 categories for rich decision making.
  • 2D Footprints - A layer that provides a global polygonal dataset. This dataset gives you the actual shapes and sizes buildings to allow you to pinpoint your dynamic signal in and around a POI.
  • Places Footprints - A layer that combines Places and 2D Footprints layers to provide detailed information about buildings and places within that building.

HERE is continuously expanding its global coverage of more than 194 million polygons of shopping centers, sports venues, college campuses, airports, and more.

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