Fleet Telematics Geofencing Developer's Guide

Test Geocoordinates

To test whether a set of geocoordinates are within a set of geoshapes available to the Fleet Telematics Geofencing, send the following GET request.
Note: This example uses a HERE API Key to authenticate your request. For information on other possible options, see Authentication Guide. For examples of how to use the other authentication options with the Fleet Telematics Geofencing, see Authentication Examples.
Note: The above example assumes you have uploaded the following shape file to the service.

1  Alexanderplatz  AL  POLYGON((13.41252 52.52228,13.41426 52.5221,13.41522 52.52113,13.41227 52.51981,13.41252 52.52228))
The response to the above request includes the following high level elements:
  • List of geoshapes (called geometries in the response) with the distance between the geocoordinate and the closest border of the geofence (a negative value indicates the position is inside, a positive value outside of the indicated shape).
  • Metadata about the request
  "geometries": [
    "attributes": {
    "ID": "1",
    "GEOMETRY_ID": "0",
    "NAME": "Alexanderplatz",
    "ABBR": "AL"
    "distance": -99999999,
    "nearestLat": 0,
    "nearestLon": 0,
    "geometry": "MULTIPOLYGON(((13.41252 52.52228,13.41426 52.5221,13.41522 52.52113,13.41227 52.51981,13.41252 52.52228)))"
  "response_code": "200 OK"