Geovisualization Developer's Guide

H.datalens.RawDataProvider. Helpers

Type Definition Summary

A helper class used in the worker thread

Type Definition Description

This helper class provides convenience functions you can use in the worker thread

Property Details

latLngToPixel : { function( H.datalens.RawDataProvider.Latitude , H.datalens.RawDataProvider.Longitude , H.datalens.QueryTileProvider.Zoom , H.datalens.RawDataProvider.TileSize ) : H.datalens.RawDataProvider.PixelCoordinates } [optional]

Translates geographical coordinates (latitude, longitude) to world pixel coordinates.

pixelToLatLng : { function( H.datalens.RawDataProvider.PX , H.datalens.RawDataProvider.PY , H.datalens.QueryTileProvider.Zoom , H.datalens.RawDataProvider.TileSize ) : H.datalens.RawDataProvider.GeoCoordinates } [optional]

Translates world pixel coordinates to geographical coordinates (latitude, longitude).

parseCSV : { function( object ) : Array } [optional]

Takes CSV data as input, parses it, and return the parsed result.