Geovisualization Developer's Guide

H.datalens. SpatialLayer

Class Summary


Renders vector tiles using data-driven styles

[ For full details, see the Class Details ]

Class Description

This layer binds the spatial data and user data, all provided by the Data Lens REST API. The layer renders geometry features using data-driven styles.

Constructor Details

H.datalens.SpatialLayer (dataProvider, spatialProvider, options)

dataProvider :
{ H.datalens.Provider }
Source of tiled data (pass in null if data come from feature properties)
spatialProvider :
{ H.datalens.SpatialTileProvider }
Source of geometry data
options :
{ H.datalens.SpatialLayer.Options }
Configuration for data processing and rendering

Property Details


static Spatial

static defaultDataToRows

Default value for dataToRows callback option. It represents each row as an object where property names correspond to data column names.
var layer = new H.datalens.SpatialLayer(
     dataToRows: function(data) {
       return H.datalens.SpatialLayer.defaultDataToRows(
       ).filter(function() {

Method Details

redraw ()

Forces re-rendering of the layer. When the callbacks passed to the layer options are not pure functions, you can call this method to force re-rendering.

updateSpatialStyle (spatial, state)

This method changes the state of a map object; for example, style on mouse event.

spatial :
{ }
state :
{ H.datalens.SpatialLayer.StyleState }

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