Geovisualization Developer's Guide

H.datalens.ObjectLayer. Clustering

Type Definition Summary

Defines client-side clustering in the ObjectLayer.

Type Definition Description

When the clustering option is provided, rows returned from dataToRows go to the clustering.rowToDataPoint callback to be transformed to data points. Then, the data points are clustered according to clustering.options. Clustering produces clusters and noise points (data points that are not clustered). Clusters and noise points must be presented as map objects with the rowToMapObject callback and can be styled with the rowToStyle callback.

Property Details

rowToDataPoint : { function( H.datalens.ObjectLayer.Row ) : H.clustering.DataPoint }

Defines data points from rows

options : { function( H.datalens.QueryTileProvider.Zoom ) : H.clustering.Provider.ClusteringOptions }

Defines clustering options as a function of the zoom level