Geovisualization Developer's Guide

Access Credentials

Access to Geovisualization resources, both through the Geovisualization REST API and the Geovisualization JavaScript API, requires authentication credentials. Specifically, you need to include application credentials and an access token in all requests to the Geovisualization REST API.

The credentials are of two types:

  • HERE application credentials – application-specific ID and code (app_id and app_code)
  • Geovisualization access token – based on the app_id and app_code, needed to invoke operations supported by Geovisualization, but not needed to access published query data
Note: The application credentials are issued for the lifetime of an application registered with HERE. By contrast an access token remains valid for 60 minutes. The Geovisualization REST API provides facilities to refresh and cancel the token, as required.

For details of how to obtain credentials and how to use them, see Authentication.

Note: HERE also offers authentication with an API key instead of app_id and app_code. While the Geovisualization REST API continues to support the app_id/app_code as authentication credentials, you can request API key access, if necessary. For the API key and the corresponding endpoint URL, contact