Geovisualization Developer's Guide


Geovisualization is a secure application, and credentials are required for access to the Geovisualization REST API as well as the Geovisualization JavaScript API. Specifically, you need to include application credentials and an access token in all requests to the Geovisualization REST API.

To be able to gain access to Geovisualization services, you need to carry out the following preliminary steps:

Get a HERE Account

To access Geovisualization, go to and sign up for a HERE account

Get a HERE Plan

When you have an account, the Freemium plan grants you access to the Geovisualization JavaScript API. To use the Geovisualization REST API as well, please contact us for access on the HERE website:

Generate App ID and App Code

On the project page for the newly created plan, click the blue Generate App ID and App Code button under the JavaScript/REST heading to generate the App ID and App Code you will need for Geovisualization.

We explain these steps in detail in the sections that follow and then demonstrate authentication using Postman, Python and JavaScript.

Once you have obtained access credentials, you need to provide them with each request against the resources supported by the service for the purposes of authentication.