Geovisualization Developer's Guide

Input Coordinate Types

Geovisualization REST API query data includes rows with named columns. Each row can contain one or more pairs of coordinates in two coordinate systems:

  • Geographic coordinates are represented by latitude and longitude. This is a common way to describe location and normally does not require data preparation. In Geovisualization, they are used to represent single points with a marker or primitive. Data in this format can be visualized with H.datalens.ObjectLayer.
  • Pixel coordinates are represented by px and py which represent a row and column within a tile. Pixel coordinates are used in Geovisualization to aggregate points on the server-side. It improves rendering performance and decreases the size of transmitted data. Data in this format can be visualized with H.datalens.HeatmapLayer and H.datalens.RasterLayer.