Geovisualization Developer's Guide

Queries Permissions

This summarizes what actions each role can perform on query resources, find out more about the permissions endpoints in the queries resource guide.

READER on Query

A user with role READER on a query (and no access on the underlying dataset) can:

  • Not see the body of the Query.
  • Not clone Queries.
  • Retrieve data through the query.
  • Run stats queries on the query.
  • Retrieve tags and info on the query.
  • Does not see other permissions except for who holds the OWNER role.
  • Revoke their own READER permissions on the query.

AUTHOR on Query

A user with role AUTHOR on a query can:

  • Use all READER permissions.
  • Retrieve metadata including the query body.
  • Clone the query.
  • Update the query.
  • Publish the query (i.e. make it public or set password-protection).
  • Read all query permissions.
  • Grant/Revoke the READER role on this query to other users.
  • Revoke their own AUTHOR permissions on the query.

OWNER on Query

A user with role OWNER on a query can:

  • Use all AUTHOR permissions.
  • Delete the query.
  • Grant and revoke any permission to other users.