Geovisualization Developer's Guide

Publish Queries

The publish queries request body is a raw JSON object sent in the body of a Geovisualization REST API request to publish one or more queries.

The maximum number of queries you can specify per request is 50.

If one of the specified queries cannot be changed, no changes are made and an error is returned.

Table 1. Publish Queries Request Elements
Element Data Type Mandatory Description
queries Object Yes A list containing the following fields:
  • visibility – the level of visibility to publish to, which can be one of:
    • public - everyone can view and run the specified queries
    • private - only the query creator has access to the specified queries
  • ids – a list of query IDs to be published

The code example below shows the data structure sent in a request to publish queries.

  "queries": {
    "visibility": "public",
    "ids": ["{query_id_1}", "{query_id_2}", "{query_id_3}"]