Geovisualization Developer's Guide

Data Providers

Providers define interfaces for layers to access data. The Geovisualization JavaScript API includes several types of providers:

  • H.datalens.QueryTileProvider defines the source of the data from a tiled Geovisualization query.
  • H.datalens.QueryProvider defines the source of the data from a non-tiled Geovisualization query.
  • H.datalens.SpatialTileProvider defines the source of geometries from a tiled Geovisualization query.
  • H.datalens.RawDataProvider defines the source of the data from a local or remote data file in GeoJSON or CSV format.
  • H.datalens.Provider defines the source of the data from a JSON object.

Normally, a tiled query using H.datalens.QueryTileProvider is the most efficient approach, as it fetches and processes only the data needed for the user's current viewport.

To instantiate QueryTileProvider you must provide a configured service and tiled query credentials, such as:

  • a Geovisualization query ID
  • names of URI parameters that control the x/y/z of the tiled query. Geovisualization JavaScript API and HERE Maps API use the OpenStreetMap XYZ numbering scheme. When defining the Geovisualization query, dynamic parameters that control tiling can be arbitrarily named. The names of these parameters must be specified to fetch tiles.
  • other dynamic parameters supported by the Geovisualization query
var provider = new H.datalens.QueryTileProvider(
    queryId: TILED_QUERY,
    tileParamNames: {x: 'x', y: 'y', z: 'z'},
    queryParams: {...}

Normally, you update the visualization by changing the query's dynamic parameters:

  someFilter: filterValue

The provider.reload call triggers the update event which leads to a map redraw.

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