Run a sample application


At this point you should have completed all of the tasks described in this Get Started guide. To confirm that you are fully set up to use the HERE Workspace, the last step is to run a sample application. While not an absolute requirement, running the sample application is a good practical exercise in the basic skills required to process data in the Workspace.


You must have a fully credentialed HERE Workspace account to run this demo. Otherwise, return to the topic Set up your team and complete that process.

In order to get practical experience of using the HERE Workspace, try the following tutorials:

After completing these tutorials, you will learn how to develop and run basic applications in the HERE Workspace.

Next Steps

At this point, you can explore and use the HERE Workspace tools, features and resources according to the plan you have purchased. The documentation is your guide on what everything is and how to use it. There are two key things to remember.

Thanks and welcome to the HERE Workspace community of users!

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