The table below lists the currently available code bias LPP signals, and the GNSS signals that have been used to calculate each value. The table will be updated in the future when support for new signals is added. When searching for a code bias to use with a signal, use the exact matching one, if it is available. Otherwise, use one that matches the particular system and frequency. Even this type of match improves accuracy and is better than the alternative of not using a code bias at all.

The tracking modes that are used to derive a code bias are marked with RINEX notation (observation codes).

Table 1. List of supported code bias corrections.

Constellation LPP Signal ID Description Tracking modes
GPS 0 L1 C/A C1C
3 L5 C5Q, C5X
8 L2 Z-tracking C2W
4 G2 P C2P
Galileo 0 E1 C1C, C1X
1 E5A C5Q, C5X
2 E5B C7Q, C7X
3 E6 C6C
4 E5A+E5B C8Q, C8X
10 E6C C6C
Beidou 0 B1I C2I
3 B3I C6I
6 B2I C7I

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