HERE Lanes Data Specification

Lane Model Geometry - Polyline Sampling

Lane-level geometries (e.g. lane boundary lines, lane paths, lane group reference lines) are represented by polylines. Each polyline consists of an ordered series of 2D or 3D shape points.

These shape points are sampled from the representation of an internal algorithmic curve (e.g. Non-Uniform Rational Basis Splines) with a specific error tolerance. This tolerance indicates the maximum distance the resulting polyline can deviate from the original curve representation. The result is the allocation of the minimal number of shape points representing sparse polylines with no set longitudinal sampling frequency.

Note that polyline sampling for each lane geometry occurs in isolation. There is no attempt to coordinate the allocation of shape points between adjacent lane boundaries within a lane group (see example below).

Note that the current tolerance of the endpoint is set to 10cm. Other installation endpoints (e.g. Customer Integration Testing) may be configured with different error tolerances.