HERE Lanes Data Specification

Conditional Attributes

The conditional attributes in HERE Lanes can have additional characteristics beyond those of other attributes. For example, conditional attributes can be used to limit other attributes to specific days/times or a subset of vehicle types.

Date-Time Modifiers (Condition)

A Condition can have any number of Date-Time Modifiers indicating the temporal periods at which the Condition applies.

Schema of "DateTimeModifier"

Access Characteristics (Condition)

Any Condition can have Access Characteristics, enumerated by RoadUsers, to indicate the types of traffic to which the Condition applies.

Schema of "RoadUsers"

Lane Direction of Travel Condition

The Lane Direction of Travel Condition describes the direction of travel on a lane for specific time periods defined by Date-Time Modifiers and/or specific Access Characteristics.

Schema of "ConditionalDirectionOfTravel"

Lane Access Restriction Condition

The Lane Access Restriction condition identifies situations where specified types of access characteristics are prohibited from traveling on the road at specific times.

Schema of "ConditionalAccessRestriction"

Lane Transport Access Restriction Condition

Topology Reference Type: Lane Parametric Range

The "conditional_transport_access_restriction" attribute of type ConditionalLaneTransportAccessRestriction is part of the LaneParametricAttribution message.

Schema of "ConditionalLaneTransportAccessRestriction"

Lane-Level Toll Structure

The "conditional_toll_structure_override" value of type ConditionalLaneTollStructure is part of the LanePointAttribution message. This condition identifies whether the current lane contains a toll structure, accessible for specific road users, during specific time periods. This value will only be set when the lane toll structure is different from the associated road's toll structure.

Schema of "ConditionalLaneTollStructure"

Carpool (HOV) Lanes

Topology Reference Type: Lane Parametric Range

Carpool (HOV) lanes are supported via the CarpoolRoadUserDefinition message:

Schema of "CarpoolRoadUserDefinition"