HERE Lanes Data Specification

Lane Polyline Geometry Layer

The lane-geometry-polyline layer contains the full 3D geometry for the lane model. This including individual lane boundary and lane path geometry and lane group reference geometry. All geometry is represented as a simple series of 3D points joined into polylines. The individual points are offset encoded, as with the road centerline geometry. (For details, see "HD Live Map Coordinate Array Offset Encoding" and "HD Live Map Lane Model Geometry - Polyline Sampling")


LineString3dOffset is used to encode 3D polylines relative to the center point of the parent tile.

Schema for "LineString3dOffset".


LaneGeometryPolylineLayerTile is the top-level message for the lane-geometry-polyline layer. It contains the geometry for all lane groups and lanes that live in the tile, following the lane topology and lane attribution tile affinity rules.

Schema for "LaneGeometryPolylineLayerTile".


LaneGroupGeometry contains all the geometries related to the lane groups starting in this tile.

Schema for "LaneGroupGeometry".

LaneGeometry, Lane Drive Path

LaneGeometry contains all the geometries (including "lane_path_geometry" for Lane Drive Path) related to each lane in the lane groups starting in this tile. Note the left and right_lane_boundary_geometry_number values index entries in the parent lane group's lane_boundary_geometries list.

Schema for "LaneGeometry".


LaneBoundaryGeometry contains the geometry of a single lane boundary in a lane group starting in this tile.

Schema for "LaneBoundaryGeometry".