HERE Lanes Data Specification

Lane Attributes - Definitions

Lane-level attributes can be borne by Lanes, Lane Boundaries, and Lane Groups via the reference types described in Topology Reference Types of Lane Attributes. Lane-level attributes generally override road-level attributes on the same roads.

The Protocol Buffer implementation of lane attributes is documented in Lane Attributes Format.

The following table indicates the attribution reference types for each lane attribute in the Lane Model:

Attribute Reference Type
Lane Parametric Range Lane Parametric Point Lane Boundary Parametric Range Lane Group Parametric Range
Lane Direction of Travel x      
Lane Type x      
Lane Transition Type x      
Lane Width Profile x      
Lane Width Restriction x      
Lane Height Restriction x      
Lane Speed Limit x      
Lane-Level Variable Speed Limit x      
Lane-Level Variable Speed Sign x      
Lane-Level Usage Fee Required x      
Lane-Level Vehicle Checkpoint x      
Lane Transition Area x      
Lane Access Characteristics x      
Lane Surface Markings x    
Lane Boundary Markings     x  
Road Boundary Type     x  
Lane Within an Intersection x      
Lane Boundary Traversal     x  
Lane Boundary Center Divider Indicator     x  
Road Boundary Type     x  
Specification Compliance Assertion       x
Date-Time Modifiers x      
Access Characteristic x      
Lane-Level Toll Structure x