HERE Lanes Data Specification

Link Topology-Geometry Model

In the road-topology-geometry layer of HERE Lanes, each Link is a polyline connecting exactly two Nodes. Links can have additional Shape Points connected by polylines to provide generalized road centerline geometry. Nodes and Shape Points have latitude and longitude positioning.

This Link-Node topology uses the HERE "stable topology" principle: Each Node represents an intersection (or dead-end). Hence, the base topology of the road network is a simplified Link and Node network that models only intersection-to-intersection connectivity. This HERE Lanes topology model is different from the topology mode in the HERE Infotainment Map in the sense that Infotainment links are aggregated in this new model to be truly intersection to intersection (or dead-end).

This topology-focused approach minimizes changes in the topology model over time. Nodes and Links are modified only when road connectivity actually changes through the addition of new intersections, not for any attribution changes. Links and Nodes are allocated unique references that are stable across map versions, unless a topological change occurs. When that occurs, only the modified elements have new references assigned.