HERE Lanes Data Specification


Message Summary

message ConditionalAccessRestriction

Used to identify situations where specified types of road users are prohibited from traveling on the road at specific times.

Include: conditional_attributes.proto


Field Type Label Description
applies​_​to Road​Users  

The subset of road users the condition applied to

applies​_​during Date​Time​Modifier repeated

Identifies any date/time constraints for the condition.

dependent​_​access​_​type Dependent​Access​Type  

Indicates there is a dependency, e.g., traffic flow, weather, etc., for which causes a link or lane Access Restriction to be in effect and a set time is not specified.

allowed​_​as​_​carpool Carpool​Road​User​Definition  

Definition of the types of vehicles that qualify as a Carpool for this lane. Shall always be present for access restrictions where "automobiles = true"(not allowed) and "carpools = false" (remain allowed).