HERE Lanes Data Specification


Message Summary

message DateTimeModifier

Date and Time modifiers for conditional attribution

Include: conditional_attribute_modifiers.proto


Field Type Label Description
date​Modifier One Of  

The specific type of date ranges being selected

  days​_​of​_​week Days​Of​Week  

Multiple days of the week

  date​_​range Date​Range  

An range of dates. Any time portion will be ignored and the dates are inclusive e.g.. 2015-01-28 to 2020-01-28

  day​_​of​_​month​_​range Day​Of​Month​Range  

A range of days within every month e.g. 1st to 3rd day of the month

  day​_​of​_​week​_​of​_​month​_​range Day​Of​Week​Of​Month​Range  

A range of of days within weeks within all months e.g. 1st Monday to 2nd Saturday of each month

  day​_​of​_​week​_​of​_​year​_​range Day​Of​Week​Of​Year​Range  

A range of days within a range of weeks every year e.g.. Monday of week 10 to Friday of week 11

  week​_​of​_​month​_​range Week​Of​Month​Range  

A range of numbered weeks within every month e.g.. The 1st and 3rd week of the month

  month​_​of​_​year​_​range Month​Of​Year​Range  

A range of months of every year, inclusive e.g.. January - March

  day​_​of​_​month​_​of​_​year​_​range Day​Of​Month​Of​Year​Range  

A range of numbered days within months of every year, inclusive e.g.. the 21st day of the ninth month of each year

  externally​_​specified string  
time​Modifier One Of  

The specific time frame being selected

  time​_​range Time​Range  

A range of time during a day

  is​_​dawn​_​to​_​dusk bool  
  is​_​dusk​_​to​_​dawn bool  
is​_​exclusion bool  

Is this specifying an inclusion or exclusion?

is​_​approximate​_​seasonal​_​range bool  

Indicates dates entered are approximate only for season