HERE Lanes Data Specification


Message Summary

message LaneBoundaryMarking.LaneBoundaryMarkingElement

An individual element in the Lane Boundary Marking (LBM)

Include: lanes.proto


Field Type Label Description
element​_​number uint32  

element position from left to right relative to the boundary direction, numbered from 1

style Lane​Boundary​Marking​Style  
color Lane​Boundary​Marking​Color  
material Lane​Boundary​Marking​Material  
width​_​group Lane​Boundary​Marking​Width​Group  
width Lane​Boundary​Marking​Width  

Width in CM of the LBM element

lateral​_​offset Lane​Boundary​Marking​Lateral​Offset  

Indicates how far laterally the center of the marking element is from the Lane Boundary Geometry in centimeters with negative values to the left and positive to the right (with respect to the digitizing direction of the lane boundary curve)