HERE Lanes Data Specification


Enumeration Details

  • 0 : LANE_TYPE_UNKNOWN A lane type not supported in this version of the schema
  • 1 : REGULAR Not designated as any other lane type
  • 2 : HIGH_OCCUPANCY_VEHICLE Reserved for HOV traffic, at some times or all times
  • 3 : DRIVABLE_SHOULDER Designated as a Shoulder at certain times but usable as a traffic lane at other times
  • 4 : BICYCLE Typically only allows bicycle travel as indicated by lane markings, signs, buffers, or barriers
  • 5 : PARKING Parallel to driving lanes and is solely used for parking
  • 6 : REVERSIBLE A lane where the lanes direction of travel changes during specific times to manage traffic flow
  • 7 : EXPRESS A dedicated lane used for faster moving traffic and with fewer entrances and exits
  • 8 : ACCELERATION A dedicated or designated lane that allows a vehicle to increase its speed to a point where it can safely merge with traffic
  • 9 : DECELERATION A dedicated or designated lane that allows a vehicle to decrease its speed to where it can safely stop or turn and not affect ongoing traffic
  • 10 : AUXILIARY A dedicated or designated lane that is used as both an acceleration and deceleration lane between multiple entrance and exit ramps
  • 11 : SLOW A lane that is provided/designated on long and/or steep uphill stretches of high-speed roads to enhance the ability of vehicles that can maintain speed up the incline to pass those vehicles (typically heavy trucks) that cannot
  • 12 : PASSING A lane added to bidirectional roads where passing needs to be regulated for safety
  • 13 : REGULATED_ACCESS A lane used to regulate traffic using time intervals
  • 14 : TURN A dedicated lane that allows vehicles to slow down in a direction dependent lane and make a turn without disrupting traffic flow
  • 15 : CENTRE_TURN A lane in the centre of a bi-directional road that allows vehicles to slow down and/or wait to make turns across oncoming lanes of traffic. Centre Turn Lanes allow traffic to make turns from either direction of travel without disrupting traffic flow
  • 16 : TRUCK_PARKING A lane provided for truck parking
  • 17 : SHOULDER A shoulder lane is designated as a part-time driving lane.
  • 18 : VARIABLE_DRIVING lanes added to a road that open and close to accommodate traffic flow using variable indicators/electronic controls, but marked differently from Drivable Shoulders
  • 19 : DRIVABLE_PARKING A lane that exists on the roadbed, parallel to the driving lanes, and is typically used for parking; however, it may allow vehicles to use it as a driving lane at times
  • 20 : OTHER A lane that is not classifiable with any of the above lane types
  • 21 : BUS Typically only allows bus travel, as indicated by lane markings, signs, buffers, or barriers