HERE Lanes Data Specification


Message Summary

message LaneBoundaryParametricAttribution

Attributes associated with a range on a lane boundary as measured along its lane_boundary_geometry

Include: lane_attributes.proto


Field Type Label Description
attribute One Of  
  lane​_​boundary​_​marking Lane​Boundary​Marking  

Describes the lane boundary marking properties

  adjacent​_​lane​_​group​_​ref Tiled​Lane​Group​Reference  

Reference to another lane group adjacent to the subject lane boundary

  road​_​boundary​_​type Road​Boundary​Type  

Road boundary type attribution that is referenced to a lane boundary

  lane​_​boundary​_​traversal Lane​Boundary​Traversal  

Defines the legal ability of a vehicle to cross this lane boundary over the defined range when changing lanes

  is​_​opposing​_​lanes​_​divider bool  

Indicator that tells that the lane boundary marking is dividing lanes between opposing travel directions on bidirectional links