HERE Lanes Data Specification


Message Summary

message LaneParametricAttribution

Attributes associated with a range on a lane as measures along its lane_path_geometry

Include: lane_attributes.proto


Field Type Label Description
attribute One Of  
  direction​_​of​_​travel Relative​Direction  

Relative to the direction of geometry from start to end

  lane​_​type Lane​Type  

Lane Type

  lane​_​transition​_​type Lane​Transition​Type  

Lane Transition Type

  lane​_​width​_​profile Lane​Width​Profile  

Describes the lane width properties

  speed​_​limit​_​override Speed​Limit  

This value will only be set where the lane speed limit is different to the associated road speed limit

  accessible​_​by Road​Users  

The subset of road users that are permitted to drive in the direction of travel

  conditional​_​access​_​restriction Conditional​Access​Restriction  

Conditional access restrictions that identify situations where specified road users are prohibited from travelling on the lane under specific conditions

  lane​_​height​_​restriction Lane​Height​Restriction  

Describe a lane height restriction limiting access to vehicles exceeding a specific height

  lane​_​width​_​restriction Lane​Width​Restriction  

Describe a lane width restriction limiting access to vehicles exceeding a specific width

  conditional​_​direction​_​of​_​travel Conditional​Direction​Of​Travel  

Describes the direction of travel on a lane during specific time periods for specific road users. This condition overrides the general lane direction of travel

  lane​_​within​_​intersection Lane​Within​Intersection  

Indicates if a lane is part of an intersection between navigable roads

  conditional​_​usage​_​fee​_​required​_​override Conditional​Usage​Fee​Required  

This condition identifies whether the current lane requires payment for use, for specific road users to which the toll applies, during specific time periods. This value will only be set when the lane usage fee required is different from the associated road's usage fee required.

  conditional​_​transport​_​access​_​restriction Conditional​Lane​Transport​Access​Restriction  

Conditional Access Restrictions applicable to any vehicle type that is large enough to meet restrictions e.g. trucks, non-city buses, that identify situations restricting travel on the lane under specific conditions, during specific time periods

  lane​_​variable​_​speed​_​limit​_​override Lane​Variable​Speed​Limit  

Defines the speed limit on the lane for which a posted LaneVariableSpeedSign is applicable.