HERE Lanes Data Specification


Message Summary

message LanePointAttribution

Attributes associated with a point on a lane

Include: lane_attributes.proto


Field Type Label Description
attribute One Of  
  lane​_​stopping​_​location Lane​Stopping​Location  

Describes the Point attribution for Stopping Locations. Stopping Locations are present where Stoplines or Crosswalks exist

  lane​_​surface​_​marking Lane​Surface​Marking  

Indicates the presence of paint or paint-like markings on a road surface that can be used for guidance instructions e.g turn left for a left arrow

  conditional​_​toll​_​structure​_​override Conditional​Lane​Toll​Structure  

Indicates the presence or an absence of Toll Structure on a lane

  lane​_​variable​_​speed​_​sign​_​override Lane​Variable​Speed​Sign  

Overrides variable speed sign attribute for a specific lane