HERE Lanes Data Specification


Message Summary

message LaneGroup

A group of lanes running between the same pair of lane group connectors, potentially sharing adjacent lane boundaries. Lane groups are logically oriented from their start to end lane group connectors.

Include: lane_topology.proto


Field Type Label Description
lane​_​group​_​id uint64  

The external reference for a lane group

start​_​lane​_​group​_​connector​_​ref uint64  

The external reference for the start lane group connector for the lane group

end​_​lane​_​group​_​connector​_​ref Tiled​Lane​Group​Connector​Reference  

End lane group connector for the lane group, which may be in a different tile

lanes Lane repeated

Ordered list of lanes in this group, spanning between the start and end lane group connectors. Lanes are ordered and sequentially numbered within a lane group from left to right in the relative to the lane group orientation from start to end connector.

boundary​_​geometry Lane​Group​Reference​Geometry  

Bounding geometry for the lane group, representing it's 2D spatial extent. This is specified by the outermost left and right lane boundaries. Together with the lane group connector bounding_geometry this forms a polygon for the lane group.

intersects​_​tiles uint32 repeated

List of all tiles that this lane group intersects, including the current one. Intersection is defined by the geometry of the group's lane boundaries

lane​_​group​_​length​_​meters uint32  

Length rounded to nearest meter