HERE Lanes Data Specification


Message Summary

message LaneGroupConnector

A vertex in the lane-group topology model, connecting lane groups through which lateral traversal is possible. Contains the set of lane connectors used to associate the specific lanes of laterally connected lane groups.

Include: lane_topology.proto


Field Type Label Description
lane​_​group​_​connector​_​id uint64  

The external reference for a lane group connector

boundary​_​geometry Line​String​2dOffset  

Boundary geometry for the lane group connector, which is the line string representing the start/end boundary of the connected lane groups. Tile affinity for lane group connectors is the start point of this geometry. Orientation is arbitrary but stable.

connected​_​lane​_​group​_​refs Tiled​Lane​Group​Reference repeated

The list of lane groups that connect to this lane group connector. They may live in this tile or other tiles.