HERE Lanes Release Notes


This release covers the geo-spatial features and attributes listed in the tables below. Please find detailed descriptions of these attributes in the HERE Lanes Data Specification, which is listed in the Related Documents section of these Release Notes.

Note: The list below the table includes the full set of features included in the HERE Lanes product. However, for some of these features, no content is published at this time.

Table 1. HERE Lanes Attributes
Key Summary
GSC-127 Lane Access Characteristics
GSC-130 Lane Access Restriction Condition
GSC-1325 Lane Boundary Center Divider Indicator
GSC-189 Lane Boundary Geometry
GSC-208 Lane Boundary Marking Color
GSC-207 Lane Boundary Marking Style
GSC-202 Lane Boundary Traversal
GSC-187 Lane Direction of Travel
GSC-142 Lane Direction of Travel Condition
GSC-179 Lane Drive Path
GSC-1603 Lane Groups
GSC-132 Lane Height Restriction
GSC-30 Lane Relationships
GSC-128 Lane Speed Limit
GSC-7 Lane Topology
GSC-138 Lane Transition Area
GSC-188 Lane Transition Status
GSC-131 Lane Transport Access Restriction Condition
GSC-203 Lane Type
GSC-205 Lane Width
GSC-133 Lane Width Restriction
GSC-129 Lane within an Intersection
GSC-134 Lane-Level Toll Structure
GSC-137 Lane-Level Usage Fee Required
GSC-135 Lane-Level Variable Speed Limit
GSC-136 Lane-Level Variable Speed Sign
GSC-1236 Lane-Level Vehicle Checkpoint
GSC-246 Reference Coordinate System
GSC-20 Road Boundary Type
GSC-199 Road Centerline Geometry
GSC-48 Road Surface Marking Classification
GSC-49 Road Surface Marking Geometry
GSC-50 Road Surface Marking Relationships
GSC-21 Road Topology
GSC-1040 Specification Compliance Identifier

The list below includes the features for which the schema is defined, but for which no actual content is published.

  • Lane Boundary Center Divider Indicator
  • Lane Height Restriction
  • Lane Transport Access Restriction Condition
  • Lane within an Intersection
  • Lane-Level Toll Structure
  • Lane-Level Usage Fee Required
  • Lane-Level Variable Speed Limit
  • Lane-Level Variable Speed Sign