HERE Lanes Release Notes

Release Coverage

The 2022.01 release of HERE Lanes provides coverage in numerous countries. The Road Centerline Model and the Lane Model are included for the roads identified in the coverage below.

HERE Lanes Coverage

  • WEU - Western Europe
  • EEU - Eastern Europe
  • NA - North America

Versions of Road and Lane Content

Content is based on DVN 211F0

Accessing the HD Live Map Viewer

You can use the HD Live Map Viewer (HDLMV) v2 web application to view the overall coverage and detailed rendering of map attributes for the HD Live Map (NDS and Native) and HERE Lanes products.

Use of the HD Live Map Viewer requires an OLP account and read access authorization for the desired catalogs. Please contact your HERE support representative if you need access.

  1. You can access the HD Live Map by entering the following URLs in your web browser:
  2. Enter your OLP username (registered email address) and click Next.
  3. Enter your Organization ID and click Next.
  4. Authenticate using the desired process.
  5. If you are using the Viewer for the first time, then you will be asked for your consent to proceed. Clicking Accept redirects you to the default home screen of the Viewer.

Using the HD Live Map Viewer

You can use the HD Live Map Viewer to view the exact coverage and statistics of the features in each data layer, per tile, in all supported countries. For details, see the Viewer User Guide by clicking the "?" icon in the Viewer. Here's a quick overview:

  1. Access the HD Live Map Viewer in a web browser by following the instructions above.
  2. Select the format of desired content:
    • "Native (PB)" for the HD Live Map Native or HERE Lanes Protocol Buffer format products.
    • "NDS" for HD Live Map Navigation Data Standard format.
  3. In the Region drop-down menu, select the product/region desired. Note, not all products/formats are available in all regions.
  4. For View, select either "Tiles" to render map data in standard tiles, or "HAD Compliance" to color roads according to their compliance with HAD Specification 1 - 5.
  5. For Layer coverage, select the data layer of interest. (Note: Only layers with the eye icon can rendered individual map attributes.)
  6. Select "View Product Statistics" to see assorted statistics about map data, such as Attribute Coverage and Sign Counts.
  7. For Color Tiles By, select the desired coloring scheme for tiles containing the target data.