HERE Map Content Developer's Guide



Slope is the angle of inclination at the point indicating the angle of inclination from this point towards the segment. To represent a segment's slope exiting/entering an intersection, the point will be at 0.0 or 1.0 of the segment.

Slope indicates the angle of slope at a Shape Point as traversed from start node to the end node, or at a Node indicating the angle of slope from this Node toward the same segment, given in Decimal Degrees x 103.


Slope information can be used to:

  • Assist with electronic stability control

  • Assist with transmission control

  • Assist with adaptive cruise control

  • Adjust headlight aiming


  • The Slope's value is defined as follows:

    • -90000 <= SLOPE <= 90000

    • SLOPE = 0 indicates Horizontal (Flat)

    • SLOPE = 45000 indicates Upward slope.

    • SLOPE = -45000 indicates Downward slope.

  • Currently, slope is rounded to -21000 <= SLOPE <= 21000 when it is over 21 degrees.

  • Slope is applied only for X, Y, Z coordinates for road elements.

  • Slope is applied for each shape point within a single road segment.