HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

Address Type


Address Type identifies the type of house number range assigned to a stretch of road.


Address Type is used in conjunction with the related address attributes Official Name and Alternate Name for destination selection and geocoding.


Address Type is applied as follows:


  • Address Type (Base) identifies addresses ranges that are most commonly used.
  • Street names with one address range must have Address Type (Base) applied.
  • Street names with multiple address ranges have one range set to Base and the others set to any combination of the other values. A single street name will never contain two Address Type (Base) address ranges.

Address Type (City) identifies addresses where ranges are assigned by the city government.


Address Type (Commercial) identifies address ranges specifically applied to commercial establishments.

For example, in some countries two ranges exist on the same road. One range is applied to residential addresses, and a different range is applied to commercial establishments.


Address Type (County) identifies address ranges assigned by the county's government.


Address Type (Old) identifies addresses that represent a historic addressing system, as in one that has been replaced by a new or current addressing system.

Road names may be assigned multiple address ranges, as seen in the following table.
Country Street Name Address Range Address Type
United States Main Street 101-199 Base
Main Street 12001-12099 County
Italy Via Ettore Vernazza 2-46 Base
Via Ettore Vernazza 8-8 Commercial