HERE Map Content Schema

Bicycle Protection Type


Bicycle Protection Type describes the physical road characteristics for bicycles and how this protects them from regular traffic on a road.


Table 1.
Values Description
0 Unknown
1 Generic Lane
2 Protected Lane
3 Sharrow Lane


Bicycle Protection Type enables bicycle route calculation and map display. This attribute can be used to identify safe bicycle routes on road network which also allows regular traffic.


  • Bicycle Protection Type = 1 (Generic Lane) is a lane added to the roadbed adjacent to the lanes for vehicular travel that allows bicycles only. Generic bicycle lanes are marked by painted lines indicating the legal separation between the bicycle lane and motor vehicle lanes.
  • Bicycle Protection Type = 2 (Protected Lane) is a lane that is physically separated from the lanes for vehicular traffic by buffers or barriers.
  • Bicycle Protection Type = 3 (Sharrow Lane) is a lane that has markings placed on the centre or on the side of a lane to indicate that a bicyclist may use the full lane. See the following photo.
  • Bicycle Protection Type = 4 (Unknown Bicycle Lane Type) is applied when a bicycle lane exists on a road but the information on protection type is unknown.