HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

Lane Marking: Direction Category


Direction Category refers to the arrow direction shown on a sign or to road markings for a specific lane. Sign-posted markings are signs showing an overview of the direction markers for each lane. See the following figure for an example.
Figure 1. Overview of Direction Markers


Direction Category can be used in map display to show how the lanes are marked in reality. When combining the Direction Category values for each specific lane, an application can generate arrow direction pictures.


  • Direction Category is applied to roads (where extended lane connectivity or other lane-level attribution is applied) for the following situations:
    • One or more lanes have painted lane markings.
    • All lanes have signposted lane markings.
    • All lanes have a combination of painted or signposted lane markings.
  • Only one Direction Category value is applied for each lane.

  • Direction Category represents the physical characteristics of lanes, therefore Access Characteristics and Date/Time Modifier information is not applicable to Direction Category.