HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

Lane Marking: Lane Divider Marker


describes the appearance of lane markings between the lanes of a road.


can be used to show the driver the lane separators matching the road ahead.


  • is applied to:
    • Roads where connectivity or other lane-level attribution is applied.
    • High Occupancy Vehicles (HOV) lanes - between the HOV lanes and adjacent lanes.
  • is applied for the lane marking on the right side of a lane in the forward direction.
    • The forward road direction is the direction from the start node (Southwestern most) to the end node (Northeastern most). For example, in the following figure, a bidirectional road with two lanes in each driving direction, (Short Dashed Line) is applied for lane 1 and lane 3.

      Figure 1. Bidirectional Road with Two Lanes
  • is not applied for road boundary lane markings.

  • Centre dividers for bidirectional roads are applied with the attribute.