HERE Map Content Schema

Through Route


The Through Route condition represents the continuation of the main road through an intersection.


Through Route can be used in guidance messaging to either give no guidance when following the main road or to give specific guidance, such as “turn left to follow the main road,” when driving from A to B as seen in the following image.


  • Through Route conditions are applied to two contiguous road segments as origin and destination. The origin is the road segment prior to the road split and the destination is the road segment reflecting the continuation. See the following image, road segment A (origin) and B (destination).

Figure 1.

  • Through Route condition can exist in only one direction or in both directions, depending on the road marking (see the following image) or sign in each direction.
  • Through Route conditions are applied to the road segments that uniquely identify the continuation of the road within an intersection. See the image above, road segment A and B.

Figure 2.

  • Through Route conditions only exist on roads which are open to automobiles.
  • The Access Characteristics of Through Route condition is flagged on all Vehicle Types.
  • Through Route conditions can have Date/Time Modifier applied.