HERE Map Content Schema

Traffic Sign Category


Traffic Sign Category identifies the main sign category to which the sign belongs.


Traffic Sign Category can be used to provide specific informative messages.


  • Traffic Sign Category is applied as follows:
    • "Regulatory Sign" is applied when the Traffic Sign indicates a regulation.
    • "Informative Sign" is applied when the Traffic Sign indicates information to alert the driver.
    • "Warning Sign" is applied when the Traffic Sign indicates a warning.
  • Traffic Sign Category is applied according to the table below:
Value Description Regulatory Informative Warning
1 Start of No Overtaking X
2 End of No Overtaking X
3 Protected Overtaking - extra lane X
4 Protected Overtaking - extra lane right side X
5 Protected Overtaking - extra lane left side X
6 Lane Merging From The Right X
7 Lane Merging From The Left X
8 Lane Merge Centre X
9 Railway Crossing Protected X
10 Railway Crossing Unprotected X
11 Road Narrows X
12 Sharp Curve Left X
13 Sharp Curve Right X
14 Winding Road starting Left X
15 Winding Road starting Right X
16 Start of No Overtaking Trucks X
17 End of No Overtaking Trucks X
18 Steep Hill Upwards X
19 Steep Hill Downwards X
20 Stop Sign X
21 Lateral Wind X
22 General Warning X
23 Risk of Grounding X
24 General Curve X
25 End of all Restrictions X
26 General Hill X
27 Animal Crossing X
28 Icy Condition X
29 Slippery Road X
30 Falling Rocks X
31 School Zone X
32 Tramway Crossing X
33 Congestion Hazard X
34 Accident Hazard X
35 Priority over oncoming traffic X
36 Yield to oncoming traffic X
37 Crossing with Priority from the Right X
41 Pedestrian Crossing X
42 Yield X
43 Double Hairpin X
44 Triple Hairpin X
45 Embankment X
46 Two-way Traffic X
47 Urban Area X
48 Hump Bridge X
49 Uneven Road X
50 Flood Area X
51 Obstacle X
52 Horn Sign X
53 No Engine Brake X
54 End of No Engine Brake X
55 No Idling X
56 Truck Rollover X
57 Low Gear X
58 End of Low Gear X
59 Bicycle Crossing X
60 Yield To Bicycles X
61 No towed caravan allowed X
62 No towed trailer allowed X
63 No camper or motorhome allowed X
64 No Turn on Red X    
65 Turn on Red Permitted X    
66 2-Stage Left X    
67 2-Stage Right X