HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

Verification Status Type


Verification Status Type indicates the status of verification.


Values Description
0 Unknown
1 Completed
2 Conflicted
3 Expired
4 In Process
5 Pending
6 Rejected
7 Not Known


Verification Status Type can be used to adapt the use of verification information based on the current status.


Verification Status Type is applied as follows:

  • "Unknown" if verification information is not known or not available
  • "Completed" if verification has been completed
  • "Conflicted" if verification results conflict with existing information
  • "Expired" if the validity of the information has passed its expiration date, and verification is necessary
  • "In Process" if verification has not yet been implemented in the data
  • "Pending" if verification results are available but pending
  • "Rejected" if verification information does not meet HERE’s trust level
  • "Not Known" if verification information is verified to be not known.