HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

Amenities Attributes


Seating capacity indicates the number of people that can be accommodated at a place seated.

Seating Options indicates the available seating options at a Place.

The rest of the attributes indicate the availability of the corresponding facility at a Place.


For Seating Options:
Values Description
0 Unknown
1 Indoor
2 Outdoor
3 None

Numeric for Seating Capacity

Boolean for the rest


Seating Options and the rest of the Amenities attributes can be used to further refine search and selection for Places e.g., restaurants, bars, etc.


  • Seating Capacity indicates the number of people that can be accommodated seated.

  • Seating Options is applied as follows:

    • Indoor - if there are seats indoors
    • Outdoor – if there are seats outdoors
    • None - if there are no seats at all
    • Unknown - if seating options are not known
  • Family Friendly is flagged when there are facilities and/or entertainment that are appropriate for young children.

  • Smoking is flagged when smoking is allowed at a Place, either in the entire place or in segregated smoking areas.

  • The following are flagged on a Place when the corresponding services or facilities are available:

    • Air Conditioning
    • Elevators
    • Escalators
    • Onsite Heart Defibrillator
    • Restrooms available
    • Security Guard
    • Television