HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

Construction Status Closed


Construction Status Closed provides information regarding the ability to access a road that is under construction.


Construction Status Closed can be used for map display and route calculation. When a road is closed, no traffic can travel on the road for the duration of the construction.


  • Construction Status Closed indicates that the road segments are closed to public use for at least three months after the map release date.

    For shorter construction period, Short Construction Warning condition is applied instead. See Short Construction Warning.

  • Construction Status Closed is applied for all roads affected by the construction. This includes roads that become physically impassable that are isolated from the navigable network due to the construction. In the following example, if road segments A and B are under construction, then all the road segments within the complex (shown in bold) receive Construction Status Closed.

  • The road's Functional Class is not changed if Construction Status Closed is applied. Functional Class = 1 - 4 is applied for an alternative route to maintain navigability.

  • A road's Access Characteristics do not change when a Construction Status Closed condition is applied. The information about the Access Characteristics for a Construction Status Closed condition exactly matches the road's Access Characteristics.
  • The construction period is applied in the Date Time modifier.

    Special Notes

  • When an old stretch of road is replaced with a newly built road, the old road could remain in the HERE Map as isolated geometry. HERE physically disconnects the old, never to be re-opened, roads from the existing road geometry. This is done to avoid guidance issues or other negative side effects. The old road however may not be demolished immediately and consequently, HERE may decide to leave in such old stretches of road.

  • When old roads are not yet demolished, but are no longer in use, the HERE Map may publish isolated road geometry, where the following is applied:

    • Functional Class = 5
    • Construction Status Closed, with an End Date far in the future