HERE Map Content Developer's Guide

Recreational Vehicle Access Restriction


Recreational Vehicle Access Restriction is a condition that identifies situations where recreational vehicles are prohibited access on a road.


Recreational Vehicle Access Restriction can be used for route calculation: to avoid roads on which recreational vehicles are prohibited access based on type, specific weight or measurement.

Note: Initial product release covers only roads that received Functional Class 1 through 4. Due to the limited inclusion in the initial phase, routing on Functional Class = 5 should be avoided. Functional Class = 5 should only be used for routing if the current car position and/or final destination is on that road.


  • Recreational Vehicle Access Restrictionis modelled as a single condition, with Direction Closure to indicate in which travel direction the restriction applies.
  • Recreational Vehicle Access Restriction has corresponding road segment-based Access Characteristics and optional Date/Time information applied.
  • Specific attribution is applied to define the access restrictions based on the type of recreational vehicle, dimension, or weight.
  • All road segments affected by the restriction sign receive Recreational Vehicle Access Restriction condition. These include but may not be limited by the following:

    • The road segments whose node represent the location of the access restriction sign and all road segments in between including dead-ending spurs.
    • The road segment which is the location of the access restriction sign and all the road segments beyond in the case of access roads to recreational destinations (resorts, campsites, etc.).